Excellent Communication with your Membership is essential to having a successful PTA year.  Your members need to know – in detail – the what, when, where and how for all of your PTA  events, meetings, fundraisers.

Depending on the needs of your school, you may use flyers, a printed or electronic newsletter, email blasts, Facebook and/or a website. Following are some tools, guidelines, hints and tips to help you reach your members effectively.

National PTA Visual Identity Standards  How to use the PTA logo correctly, and the correct PMS blue (PMS 541) if you print in color.

How to Customize a PTA Logo

How to Use PTA Logos and Tagline

PTA Branding and Website Guidelines  – including a website style guide, electronic logos (.tif and .eps  formats)

PTA Logo Branding and Guidelines

PTA Photo Communication Tips January 2016

Submit Photos For P&P Slideshow By April 16

PTA Computer & Communication Tips January 2016

Social Media Tip Sheets

Creating Effective Newsletters (most applicable for Elementary school communications)

National PTA – NPTA_Social_Media_Tipsheets_ – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs.

As stated in the PTA Visual Identity Standards, the “PTA Blue” logo color is PMS 541.  However, in some cases, you may be asked by a printer or other vendor to supply the PMS 541 equivalent in the HTML color number or the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) ink color mix.

This webpage is a chart showing the conversions of PMS colors to HTML and CMYK equivalents.

Preparing To Submit Photos for P&P Slide Show

PTA Photo Communication Tips

Public Speaking Training for Superintendent’s Leadership Academy 2015

National PTA’s Back-to-School Kit

Sign up for the National PTA’s Back-to-School Kit and then  choose the “PTA Communications” section for a great overview, more information, and to answer PTA Communications questions.  Also check out Social Media Tips