Smart Snacks for PTA

Smart Snacks Implementation Materials As a reminder, the Smart Snacks policy became effective July 1, 2015.  Please review the following documents for information on how your local unit will need to consider the food items you may choose to sell and what times during the day and evening that will be allowed on DCPS property. Rules Smart Snacks Rule – FAQ – updated 4-8-15 Smart Snacks Rule – FAQ 4-7-2015 DCPS Board Agenda Item – Adoption of Smart Snack Food Regulations UDSA Competitive Food Regs (Smart Snack) and Florida Rule (FDACS 5p-1 003) – Summary of Changes 6-1-2015 Info Tools Schools Focusing Smart Snacks Smart Snacks in Schools Resources Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snack Product Calculator    


Fundraising – Chair

Grants and Donations National PTA’s Back-to-School Kit Sign up for the National PTA’s Back-to-School Kit and then  choose the “PTA Fundraising” section for a great overview, more information, and to answer PTA Fundraising questions.


Florida Department of Education Is Looking for Your Input

Now is Your Time to Speak Up! The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) is now accepting public input on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and would greatly appreciate your engagement in this very important dialogue. Through July 22, 2016, all members of the public will be able to submit comments on each component of the law.  The FDOE will consider this feedback as they develop Florida’s draft state plan. To access the public input form, please visit this site. For more information on ESSA, visit the National PTA website.        


DCCPTA Handbook

In order to provide Duval County PTA units a reference of information for operations, the current board is in the process of restoring the DCCPTA Handbook.  Sections will be added as they are restored and updated. DCCPTA Handbook 062116 What is a Council? A council of Parent Teacher Associations is a group of Local PTAs organized under the authority of the state PTA, for the purpose of conference, leadership training, and the coordination of efforts of the member PTAs. Each council is governed by bylaws approved by Florida PTA, written to meet its specific needs. A council serves as a medium through which PTAs of an area can together handle problems and projects too large for one PTA working alone. 


DCCPTA Issue Report Form

DCCPTA Issue Report DCCPTA Issue Report The following fields are all required to process this report. Enter 'N/A' in fields that are not applicable. Full Name * Email * PTA/PTSA Unit Or Bussiness * Problem Title * What is the web page address the correction needs to be made? * Include Page ULR (Upper left on screen) example ( Also include any setup or preparation work and the steps we can take to reproduce the problem. What needs to be deleted, added or corrected? * List items to be deleted. Then list items that needs to be added. Clearly state other needed changes. Additional Comments or Notes. Document any additional information that might be useful in resolving the problem. CaptchaREAD MORE

Sample Donation Receipts from National PTA

Here are Sample PTA receipts forms you can use for you local PTA unit.   For Microsoft Word file Sample-Receipt-Forms-for-Fundraising. Contribution Greater than $75 Goods or Services Returned to Donor This acknowledges receipt of the following described property from you as a charitable contribution made on ________________ (date): (Describe the property given in this space.)   (Name of your PTA) has provided you with goods or services in exchange for this contribution.  Our estimate of the fair market value of these gods or services is $_____.  This means the net amount of your contribution, which may be a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes, is $______.  We are required by law to provide this information to you.  The charitable


Build The Best Tower Team Activity

By: Richard Godke DCCPTA 904-693-3501 Objectives of Educational Workshop:  Students will be able to identify 5 different factors that can affect the accomplishments of a team by the end of the workshop. Team Goals: Build the best tower. Group Size:  From 4-8 participants per team that are random assigned. Time requirement: 45 minutes is what the activity was designed for.  It can be adjusted for as little as 15 and as long as 1 hour and 15 minutes. Materials required:  Each team (4-8 per team) will need a closed container that includes different and an unequal amount of building supplies.  Make sure one is obviously more deficient then the others.  Here are some of the possible building supplies: Paper


DCCPTA Training Schedule

All in coming DCCPTA unit presidents & treasurers are required to attend one of the following training meetings: July 31, 2017, 5:30 – 7:30  PM, Location Cline Auditorium, DCPS School Board Building, 1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207. August 24, 2017, 9:30-11:30 AM, Location Cline Auditorium, DCPS School Board Building, 1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207.. Please put these dates on your calendar if you will be serving as presidents & treasurers the coming year. Please register at least three days before the meeting by Clicking Here.


Important PTA End of Year Audit Questions

By:  DCCPTA Treasurer May 21, 2016   Question??? Who should be on the audit committee? Answer— Three non-check signers must be on the audit committee.   Question??? When can our annual PTA audit be conducted? Answer— Audits must be completed after June 30 when your fiscal year ends.  Complete your audit by September 30, although much earlier is preferred.  No financial activity can occur from July 1 until after the audit is completed. Question??? What annual PTA audit form should I use? Answer— DCPS has a newly revised audit form that Florida PTA will accept DCPS Annual Audit Report Form.  So you can use this form for the state and DCPS bookkeeper. Florida PTA does have its own form