Duval County Council of PTAs Slate of Officers for 2018-2019

The Slate of Officers for the 2018/2019 School Year is:

President-Felita Tutt
1st VP – Theresa Rodgers
2nd VP – Cathy Guiler
3rd VP – Anna Maria Charles
Recording Secretary – Jimminda Thompson
Corresponding Secretary – Priscilla Maass
Treasurer – Kathy Klein

DCCPTA Board Officers Elected For 2017-18 School Year

Congratulation to the newly elected 2017-18 DCCPTA Officers.


President:                  Felita Tutt


1st VP – Programs:       Theresa Rogers


2nd VP – Local Units:     — OPEN —


3rd VP – Leadership:     Anna-Maria Charles


Recording Secretary:           Ann Gipalo


Corresponding Secretary:     Kim Alvarez


Treasurer:                          Cathy Guiler

Duval County Public School Representative Answered Questions at PTA Meeting

Dr. Dana Kriznar, Duval County Public School Chief of Staff addressed questions that were asked at the Duval County Council PTA General Membership Meeting held January 24, 2017.

1.      The Choice applications are due before Magnet letters are mailed out.  Frequently parents want to select Choice options if they do not get into a Magnet, but at that point, it is too late to submit an application.  Have we thought about changing the timing of the deadlines for applications and/or notification of seats?

The Choice application process begins on April 15th, but does not end until May 15th.  Letters for magnet acceptance are typically mailed out in early April, so there is usually not a conflict.  If an individual has specific concerns about the deadline, please refer him/her to Pearl Roziers, Assistant Superintendent of School Choice, at roziersp@duvalschools.org.

2.      Why are Google Docs being blocked?  The National History Day site is blocked, as well.

 OneView, the district education portal was launched on July 1, 2016. While OneView is an education portal that was built by Microsoft for Duval County Public Schools, its integration with Office 365 provides all district end-users with 24/7 access to the tools they need to do their work. OneView/Office 365 offers all of the features of Google Apps plus single sign-on functionality. While utilizing Google Apps might have made sense when the district did not have a platform with the same functionality, that is no longer the case. Now that OneView/Office 365 is available, the need for end-users to have access to Google Apps is no longer necessary. In a district of our size, standardization is imperative to ensure support as well as the ability for teachers to have access to student files.

Although it may be inconvenient to lose access to the Google Apps, it should not keep students and teachers from collaborating and/or sharing work. The intention is not to keep anyone from doing their work but to support them in adapting to this new way of work.  The Instructional Technology Team is available to work with the teachers and students in our schools to assist with this transition.

I understand that this change is not easy, especially when an individual has become comfortable using a particular technology platform.  The transition to OneView/Office 365 is an opportunity to experience change and discover that new tools such as OneNote Class Notebook can actually improve the instructional experience.

In reference to your other technology concern, the site that allows students to view and create websites for their National History Day presentations (https://nhd.weebly.com/) has now been recategorized to allow students to view and create websites.  Thank you for calling this oversight to my attention.

3.      One parent was invited to a gifted stakeholder meeting this evening, but a number of other parents were not.  How was it decided which parents were invited to attend?  Must parents RSVP in order to attend?

We used the distribution list for the Gifted Stakeholder list from last year as a starting point for inviting parents and community.  Additionally, we have sent the information on these meetings out to teachers of the gifted for sharing with their parents/guardians.  We welcome any parents/guardians or community members to attend.  While we appreciate having an RSVP so we can have the appropriate number of chairs and printed materials available for all who attend, we welcome anyone who comes to the meeting.  Those wishing to be added to the distribution list for notification of future meetings can email Paula Renfro at renfrop@duvalschools.org .

4.      There were several concerns about field trip buses arriving late or not arriving at all.  In addition, bus drivers have arrived at schools that did not know where they were supposed to go.  Can anything be done about this?

Dr. Kriznar has shared the specific examples provided at the meeting to Don Nelson, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, and he is investigating those incidents.  Mr. Nelson has already met with the Operations Officer of one of the bus companies noted in this morning’s meeting.  He will also reach out to the other bus contractors to review expectations of performance.

In addition, he will be looking into our bus contractor performance for field trips to see if there are any trends that needed to be addressed system-wide.  Operations will also post Field Trip instructions and requirements to all principals through our weekly email to administrators.

Once again, thank you for bringing these issues to my attention.  If you have follow up questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kriznar, Dana,, Duval County Public School Chief of Staff

Electronic PTA Meeting Planning Committee

office-1701161_1920pixabay-wall3At the September DCCPTA General Meeting there were several people interested in learning more about holding an electronic PTA meeting or committee meeting.  If you are interested in helping prepare for an electronic PTA meeting Please send your email address to web@dccpta.org to get involved.  Our first online meeting will be Saturday Nov 5 11:00 am.

Review of Social Media and Websites Links

2016 DCCPTA Fall Leadership Workshop
Richard Godketech pic
DCCPTA Technology Chair


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    Celita Wilson leadership@dccpta.org
    Marla Bryant marlabryant@bellsouth.net
  2. Sign up for: National PTA Back-to-School Kit 2016-2017 PTAkit.org
  3. For PTA technology and communication information go to: http://www.ptakit.org/Communications/index.aspx
    The National PTA Kit includes:  Communications, Communicating with Members and Stakeholders, PTA Branding, Newsletters, Website, Social Media, Our Children Magazine, Marketing and Media Relations, Photography and Videography, and Additional Resources
  4. PTA Branding and Logo Use Communication PTA Branding Source and Logo Use
  5. Technology Award Application for Creative Communication through Technology
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  12. Video Conferencing Meeting Collaboration Website join, me
  13. Links To Sponsor Website – IRS Consideration DCCPTA has appointed a committee to explore this issue. The committee’s findings will be announced soon.
  14. Important DCCPTA Website Information for Technology Users
    DCCPTA.org/PTA LEADERSHIP/PTA Committee Information
    DCCPTA.org/PTA LEADERSHIP/PTA Committee Information/communication – Chair
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