Florida Education and Youth Legislation Links

This group of links provides a wide range of information related to national and Florida education and youth legislation.  This information can be used to keep up with the rapidly changing legislation.  Please keep informed and present your views to your legislators.

Link to:

The Legislative Priorities Brochure  http://floridapta.org/advocacy/legislation/advocacy-tool-kit?task=document.viewdoc&id=2431

Stepping Up: Florida’s Top Juvenile Civil Citation Efforts 2016  http://floridapta.org/component/edocman/?task=document.viewdoc&id=2424&Itemid=0

FSBA – Florida School Board Association  http://fsba.org/

Register for Voter Voice Legislative Alerts   http://floridapta.org/advocacy/advocacy/capwiz-legislative-alerts

National PTA Advocacy page for Federal Updates  http://www.pta.org/advocacy/

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice “Roadmap to System Excellence” Reports  http://www.djj.state.fl.us/roadmap-to-system-excellence

Florida Children’s Council  http://flchildrenscouncil.org/


Celita Wilson

Training and Workshops

DCCPTA’s Fall Leadership Workshops will be held September ??, 2016 from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm.

Sample DCCPTA invites to Winter Leadership Training Workshops and ESE Fair


Advocacy – Chair

Taking Action Through the Legislative Process 2014


DCCPTA Award Info 2014-2015

Local Unit Awards Tips 2014

History Book Info & Award Form Fall 2013

Business Partners

Business Partners – DCC PTA class Fall 2015


Communication – Chair

Public Speaking Workshop January 2016

PTA Computer & Communication Tips January 2016

PTA Photo Communication Tips January 2016

Social Media Tips

Creating Effective Newsletters Fall 2014

Marla Bryant Presentation on Facebook Communications Fall 2014

Executive Board

Your Executive Board Playing by the rules Sept 2014

Your Executive Board Playing by the rules Fall 2013


Fundraising – Chair

Grants and Donations

Health & Safety

Bonding and Addiction PowerPoint


PTA Leadership Training Program

Handouts For PTA Leadership Training Program

Behavior-Style Evaluation 061616

Example of Team Ground Rules 061616


SMART Goal Help Worksheet 061616

Volunteer Position Description Worksheet 061616

Webmaster Job Description 061616

Understand the Conflict Worksheet 061616

Leadership Activity

Build The Best Tower Team Activity


Membership – Vice President

Membership Tips

Membership: Recipe for Success

Membership PPT Sept 2014

Membership Fall 2013


President – Local PTA

DCCPTA Pres Training June 2015

President Transition Checklist 2014

President Info Sheet 2014

Procedure Notes



ElectionofOfficers-Script 2014

Agenda-sample 2014

DCCPTA Presidents Training Sept 2014

President’s Training – Fall 2013


Program – Vice President

PTA Male-bership June 2015

PTA Programs PP Fall 2014

PTA Increasing your Male-bership 2014

All Pro Dad

Increasing Male Involvement in Schools Fall 2013

Programs Fall 2013


Reflections Workshop Sept 2015 Handouts Fall 2015

Reflections Workshop Handouts Sept 2014

Step by Step Guide to Online Registration 2014

Reflections Workshop Presentation 2014

Treasurers – Finance

Treasurer – Local PTA Unit

Treasurers Top Ten Tasks – Sept 2014

DCCPTA Treasurer’s Training Fall 2013

End Of Year Treasurer’s Checklist

Vision Screening

Vision Screening Basics Fall 2013


PTA Computer & Communication Tips January 2016

Social Media Tip Sheets

PTA Website

Meeting Collaboration Website join-me

OneView – DCPS

OneViewOneView is a communication, collaboration, and content management tool designed to empower members of the Duval County Public Schools community by providing personalized access to important data, resources, and services.  DCPS teachers, students, administrators, and staff access OneView using their district username/password.  Parents/Guardians & Community Partners must create a DCPS account if they have not already done so.  CLICK HERE to create an account.  CLICK HERE to access OneView!  OneView Frequently Asked Questions .



Preparing To Submit Photos for P&P Slide Show

Presidents’ & Principals’ Luncheon Slide ShowDSC_0079

CLICK HERE to view the “2016 Presidents’ & Principals’ Luncheon Slide Show”

CLICK HERE to view the “2015 Presidents’ & Principals’ Luncheon Slide Show”

Start Planning At the Beginning of the School Year

Local PTAs and PTSAs should be collecting electronic action photos of events and activates your PTAs /PTSAs are doing to make a difference in the school and or community.  The 4 or 5 photos from each unit will be edited into a slide show at the annual Presidents’ & Principals’ Luncheon held in May.  The dead line will be the April 15 of that year.  At the beginning of the year the president should assign a person that reviews these instructions, collects photos the entire year, and delivers the photos for the show, maybe the Historian.

What Makes A Good Photo For the Slide Show?DSC_0128

The photos should be people doing something, besides standing in a row (no rows of officers please).  CLICK HERE for my “PTA Photo Communication Tips”.  Here are somethings that are taken in to consider when choosing the photos to use in the slide show.

  1. Does photo show PTA involvement of students, teachers, school administrators, and PTA members?
  2. Is the photo showing an activity that is helping the school?
  3. Does the photo show action (examples:teaching, reading, feeding, building, etc.).
  4. Cell Phone photos are fine if you take them on the highest quality setting (the most pixels). Check your phone instructions on how to set to the highest quality.
  5. Please do not use multiple photo slides, several pictures on one slide. They do not show well on the screen.image3

Submitting Photos for P&P Luncheon Slide Show

Click Here for “P&P Luncheon Slide Show Submissions Form”
If you have problem filling out the form
Email 4 or 5 photos to Historian@dccpta.org with the following information:
• PTA or PTSA Name
• Contact Person
• Contact Phone
• Contact email
• For each photo: file name, photo description, and PTA involvement.

2016 P&P Slide Show Contributors:

Beauclerc Elementary PTAIMG_2441
Douglas Anderson SOTA PTSA
Hendricks Avenue Elementary PTA
Holiday Hill Elementary PTA
Jacksonville Beach Elementary PTA
James Weldon Johnson Middle PTSA
John E Ford Elementary PTA
John Stockton Elementary PTA
Kirby Smith Middle PTSA
Loretto Elementary PTA
Sheffield Elementary PTA
Mandarin High School PTSAIMG_7659
Mandarin Middle PTSA
Mandarin Oaks Elementary PTA
Pine Forest Elementary PTA
San Mateo Elementary PTA
San Pablo Elementary PTA
Seabreeze Elementary PTA
Stanton PTSA
Thomas Jefferson Elementary PTA
Venetia Elementary PTA

PTA’s Presidents & Principals Luncheon Slide Show Chair

PTA Photo Communication Tips

Richard Godke, DCC PTA Webmaster, rgodke@yahoo.com, 904-693-3501
October 25, 2015
As the use of cameras become more portable and easier to use, here are five simple tips and examples that will help spice up make your PTA photos and make them more interesting.

1. Tells a story by showing subjects in action.

SeniorSign                Senior Break

Senior sign up (writing)                   Senior Breakfast (eating & studying)

2. Utilize photo depth of front, middle, back.


3. Zooms in close and cuts out background clutter.

large                       Small

Lost in background                                                        Focus on subject & theme

4. Takes advantage of unusual angles (high, low, left or right) and un-leveled camera (¼ twist).

turnerline                            PTSAlines

Looking up                                                                                              Camera with a ¼ twist

5. Keeps the subject out of the middle of the frame, think Tic-Tac-Toe.

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