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Vision Screening Director Dot Mathias Retires

On June 8 at the monthly School Board meeting, Dot Mathias was recognized for more than 40 years of service to the students of Duval County.

As you may know, Dot is also a past President of the Duval County Council, so we are very proud of her.

Dot was kind enough to write up a history of the Vision Screening program from its inception in 1971.

We have posted her history below and it will be placed on our Health and Safety page as well.

Here are a few pictures DCPS supplied of the ceremony at the School Board Meeting.

Dot Mathias 1 cropped

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Vision Screening

Vision ScreeningThe Vision Screening department has been serving Duval County students and families since 1970. Their office trains volunteers to use the eye chart machines and coordinates the scheduling of vision screening of students from September through February each school year.

If a child does not pass the screening exam in either or both eyes, a letter is sent home to the parents recommending a full eye exam be performed. If the family cannot afford the exam and/or the glasses, the Vision Screening office works with local eye doctors to provide eye exams and glasses for approx. $75 per child.

The Vision Screening program is able to provide the exams and glasses for $75 through the generosity of donations from many, many local unit PTAs and PTSAs in Duval County and other donations from the community.

More than 2.7 million children have been screened since the program began in 1970. In the 2012-2013 school year, 11,000 children received exams and glasses through this program.

If your local unit would like more information about this program, contact Tracy Scott at (904) 318-4758 or via email at tscott0300@att.net.

The Vision Screening department can provide screening at your school even if you do not have a PTA, and parents can self-refer their child for an exam.

Here is the Vision Screening Basics Training that will help you learn more details of how the event operates.

Be sure to read this history of the Vision Screening program in Duval County written by Dot Mathias.

DCPS VISION SERVICES PROGRAM by Dot Mathias June 2015Dot Mathias 1 cropped


On her retirement from

Duval County Public Schools after

40+ years of service as

Director of the Vision Screening Program!

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