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DCCPTA – Early Unit Registration Form

DCCPTA - Early Unit Registration Form

DCCPTA - Early Unit Registration Form

Each Florida PTA unit is required to register their new officers on the Florida PTA website https://floridapta.org/new-and-returning-officers-form/ . DCCPTA gets the first downloaded file of next year’s officers in mid to late August. To keep the new Duval PTA presidents and treasurers informed, would you please complete this form to insure you get early communications.

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P & P Ticket Order Form 2017 B

Here is the P & P Ticket Order Form 2017 (Revised B)



Workshop Idea Application For Florida State Leadership Convention?


Do you have a workshop idea you would like to teach in July at the Florida State Leadership Convention?  If so complete this form and submit by February 3, 2017.


PTA/PTSA Websites and Web Masters Info Needed

DCCPTA is complying a list of all the local PTA/PTSA websites and web masters.  If you sign up your group you will have additional technical information and training.  Please  sign up.


e-Newsletters Or e-Blasts Samples

emailMany PTAs are trying to improve the number of people that actually read their PTA/PTSA e-Newsletters Or e-Blasts.   Industry surveys have shown, in order to get read, the email information must be:

  • Most Important information first. The more scrolling down the less reading.
  • Article must be direct and to the point (who,what, when, were, and how) with a link to more information for people that want more.
  • Graphics to the left draw interest to the article.
  • A shorter email more often is more effective than a longer email sent less often.

Here is a format I used on an every other week cycle.  Example eBlast

If you have a format that is successful please share it with other PTA/PTSAs. email link to web@dccpta.org.


General Meetings:

General DCCPTA Meetings
are above and run from 9:30 am - 11:30 am, hospitality 9:00 -9:30 a.m. meeting 9:30 am. Make sure your PTA/PTSA has a representative. Join us at:
Duval County Public Schools
School Board Building
Cline Auditorium, 1st floor
1701 Prudential Dr
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

PTA – Applications – Forms – Spreadsheets – Samples

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 5397
Jacksonville, FL 32247
Email DCC President
Email Local Unit Team