Bylaws and Standing Rules

PTA Unit Bylaws

The most successful PTAs are those that run their meetings efficiently following their bylaws.  Bylaws tell you the minimum number of meetings per year, when to elect the nominating committee, when to elect the officers for the following year and much, much more.

Local PTA Unit’s Bylaws Update Information

Is it time to update your local unit’s bylaws?  Check the date stamped on the first page.  Your bylaws expire three years after that date.  If your bylaws are scheduled to expire this year, plan to set up a review committee at least 3 months before they expire.  It is best to download the latest form, fill in the blanks, and send to Florida PTA for approval after membership has been notified or has voted for any changes.

Submit your new bylaws at least one month before they expire. Click Here for Florida PTA  information and forms.

Bylaws can be submitted to Florida PTA for approval by:

  1. Florida PTA’s online bylaws submission form at
  2. Faxing to Florida PTA at (407) 240-9577; or
  3. Emailing Florida PTA at

Standing Rules

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