November is Native American Heritage Month

So many of us have grown up with the Thanksgiving story of the Pilgrims and Indians sharing a meal together and that tends to be the extent of our knowledge of Indigenous peoples. Let’s make the time this month to learn a more full and accurate history of how the original inhabitants of our land have lived. It is important that we understand that there are almost 600 federally recognized Native tribes and they are all distinct in culture and language. It is also important to learn where each of the tribes once called home on this continent they call Turtle Island, where they reside now and why that is. We can honor the many and varied Native tribes by learning about who they are and recognizing they cannot be reduced to a simple story but deserve a place of recognition as well as educating ourselves of their resilience and wisdom.

The links below include some wonderful children’s book as well as fantastic resources for educators and parents! Utilize the information you learn to help inform your November celebrations for next year. It would be a wonderful opportunity for a school community to expand upon the discussion we have each year at this time and consider new ways to approach November as Native American Heritage Month.


Native American Heritage Month for Teachers

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Native American History for Kids

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